As a former English speaking Quebecer, the Connexion Quebec Government Relations course
was just what I had been hoping to find. All my schooling, from elementary through university,
took place in Quebec. As well, my entire career was based in Quebec.

I am now in the process of estate planning and require some documents from the province and
the city of Montreal to complete the job. Daunting, to say the least… That said, with the
guidance of the Connexion Quebec course I am now confident I will get my paperwork in order
sooner rather than later.

The course is easy to navigate and provides a wealth of information. Thanks so much. Judith K. - Halifax
This course was smooth and easy to digest. The modules built one atop the other like building blocks and made so much sense.
This course is a series of easy upscales that will help you to
deal with government effectively and correctly.
Jennifer’s course is a civics power punch!  Meena K. - Côte St. Luc